When should my dog use the wheelchair?

The wheelchair for dogs is used when the dog has difficulty in walking or standing still during normal activity.

One thinks that it should be used only when the dog has completely lost the mobility of its hind legs, but this is not true at all.

The wheelchair is often used for rehab, thanks to the fact that it sustains the weight of the dog and leaves the legs free to move them without sustaining its own weight.

Thus the muscles of the legs continue to work and to be used without muscle mass loss.

The wheelchair allows the dog to be autonomous and independent, not like the harness that needs someone to help the dog walk.

The wheelchair has accessories to support or not the back legs, depending on the heat. It can be used both in cases of partial mobility (when the dog has difficulty in standing up and walking) or in cases of total loss of mobility and the dog simply drags his/her legs.